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About Us

Point of Grace started in September, 1998 in Point Cinema. We're affiliated with the Assemblies of God. We're a small church which means it's pretty easy to get to know others and get involved.


To really understand POG, you have to understand how important God's love is to those of us who have come home to Him. We want everything we do and everything we're becoming to be motivated by the personal, lavish, and amazing grace God pours out daily. We hope that everyone who calls POG home will experience something far greater than friends, the joy of serving or reassurance of divine help. We pray that every one who comes through the door discovers the greatest truth of all--that is the love of God poured out extravagantly through Jesus Christ into the hearts of anyone who will receive it.


Yes, we know the words you just read are so grandiose they may just sound like religious jargon. They aren't. His love is so great that it's hard to find words big enough to describe it. You really have to experience it.

During the summer and fall of 2015, Point of Grace developed our constitution and bylaws which we adopted on Sunday, March 20th, 2016. Also, we accept and celebrate new members each fall. If you are interested in what this important step looks like at Point of Grace, here are our membership qualifications and responsibilities.

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